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Many American families feel pressure to have the best of everything. The nicest car, the nicest lawn and (no surprise) the nicest house. But bigger isn’t always better. At Thrivent Federal Credit Union, we want Christians to feel confident, secure and stable in their new home choices. So, we put our heads together and crafted the First-time Homebuyer's Guide that will help you find the home and home loan that fits your lifestyle. 

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  1. Prepare to buy a home.
  2. Work with a lender to find the right-sized mortgage.
  3. Partner with a realtor who will meet your needs.
  4. Prepare for the cost of homeownership.

Plus, get access to helpful resources like:

  • House Hunter's Checklist.
  • Map of the home-buying journey.
  • Tips and tricks to save money.
  • Definitions of the various home loans, and more.