Building your credit future: A guide to responsible credit card use

Learn how to charge with purpose with this free guide

More than 70% of Americans are dealing with credit card debt. From impulse buying to large balances, poor financial behaviors are perpetuating our credit card debt cycle. Extreme, right?

Ultimately, these numbers tell us one thing: Most credit card users are doing something wrong. At Thrivent Credit Union, we work to help people bring balance to their financial journey. And that includes the way they build credit. So, we put our heads together and compiled a guide full of resources aimed to help credit card users – old and new – learn how to:

  • Wade through credit card jargon.
  • Decode credit scores.
  • Boost credit history.
  • Implement credit card best practices.
  • Reach financial goals, and more.

Renew or begin your journey with credit cards and continue to build a successful credit future today.